Snow on the Moon: NASA Announces Based on Chandrayaan Data

Snow on the Moon: NASA Announces Based on Chandrayaan Data

Snow on the Moon: NASA Announces Based on Chandrayaan Data

- The American conclusion after looking at the data sent by India in 2008
- NASA claims to have a snow on the moon using a special infrared camera called Moon Mineralogy Mapper
- With Chandrayaan as well as India, NASA's equipments, the ice on the Moon has gathered in the north and south pole

 Washington, August. 21, 2018, Tuesday

NASA has announced that there is snow in the very cold and unfavorable polar areas of the Moon. Interestingly, NASA has made the claim based on the information sent by Chandrayaan-1 sent to India. ISRO sent Chandrayaan-1 into space ten years ago.

According to a report published in the Journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, there is a few millimeters of snow on the moon's surface and water is below. It is possible to use this water if the campaign to start human habitat on the moon in the future. The possibility of having water in the moon's oceans increases from the snow obtained from the Moon's surface.

Most of the ice from the south pole of the Moon is collected in a large pit, whereas the snow on the North Pole has been dispersed far and wide. The snow is likely to be very old. Before this claim, NASA scientists used the Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M-3), on the basis that after passing through three stages, there was accurate information that the moon had snow on its surface.

In 2008, ISRO sent the M3 to Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, which was designed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. M-3 was designed to check whether there is a solid ice on the moon. Scientists have claimed this after infrared lighting, after distinguishing between water, moisture and solid ice. Where the snow has received snow on the surface of the Moon, the temperature never dropped below minus 156 degrees. While the Moon is very low tilt while rotating on its axis, sunlight does not reach most of the region there.

Even before this, scientists showed the possibility of having snow on the moon surface, but the claims of that time were not solid. Now NASA is getting ready to gather more information about the moon's temperature based on this ice.

It is noteworthy that Chandrayaan-1 was India's first mission mission, which stopped sending radio signals on 28th August 2009. After that, the ISRO declared the mission complete. Then in 2016, NASA once again found Indian Chandrayaan with ground based radar system.

There are several theories of being snow on the Moon's tilt region. But concrete evidence has found NASA on the basis of data from India's Chandrayaan-1. This picture shows a slight increase in the north-pole and slightly above the south pole.

Snow on the Moon: NASA Announces Based on Chandrayaan Data



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