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In our childhood we often used to go with my family, when we grew up, started walking with friends. We are always anxious to travel with family and friends, but when it comes to walking alone, the mind is a bit nervous getting up. Walking alone is not easy task. When you go on a journey alone, then it is your introduction of patience, courage. It is very interesting to travel alone because you believe that all decisions are yours, and you are ready to see new experiences in your life. Walking alone sometimes creates fear in your mind, but when you start it you will feel a new enchantment inside you. Also, when uprooting unnatural places will make you humiliated, you will have a self-confidence that makes you and your life even easier. When you travel alone, all decisions are yours, how long it is to wait. As it is said, when a person starts living alone, then he learns a lot, just as a person goes on a solo journey, his self-confidence increases even further on himself. I know in sequence, the best trekking site of north India where you can be alone, very fun ....

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Triund is known as a small hill station located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, which is a part of Dharmakote Hill Station. Situated on the foothills of Dhauladhar mountain, this area is situated at an altitude of 2,828 meters. This trip to Triund Trek begins from Mcleod ganj which is the capital of Tibet's exiled government. Triand is a trekking tour of Himachal Pradesh which attracts everyone who likes every thrill. This trekking trip takes place in the mountains with waterfalls, with the colors of nature.

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Kheerganga is in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Geographically, this large Himalayan National Park is located on the outer periphery of the river Parvati. The height of the Khegaranga's sea level is 2804 meters, which is approximately 9200 feet. It is said about Kheerghanga that sometimes Kheer would get out from Lord Shiva's grace. But when Parshuram ji saw that people were being lured to eat this Kheer, he cursed that no kheer would come out from here. And the bus, then turn off the kheer. Even today, things like milk skins continue to come out with hot water. Here tourists can enjoy trekking tremendously here. It is said about Kheriganga that sometimes Kheer had come out with the blessings of Lord Shiva. But when Parshuram ji saw that people were being lured to eat this Kheer, he cursed that no kheer would come out from here. And the bus, then turn off the kheer. However, still things like milk melts continue with hot water. The right time to arrive in Kheer Ganga is from March to November.

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Ladakh is world famous for its distinguished culture. Since the historical period, the area of the Baltistan Valley, Indus Valley and Zanskar is known as Ladakh. This region, enclosed by various Himalayan mountain ranges and peaks, is famous for many famous rivers, glaciers, lakes and waterfalls, as well as for Buddhist culture. Very popular for tracking, mountaineering and rafting It is not easy to reach here, but the adventures and adventures ahead of them are available here. In addition to the roads located at the highest point of the world (Marasmic La and Khardun La), there are several peaks above 7,000 meters in the area which come with climbing trees. There are also many ways to track. For tracking and rafting, you will find tools and guides here.

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Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh's district Lahaul & Spiti is not less than Paradise. In a few months a year, it is open for the picnic. But despite this, it is the first choice of many tourists. There are also many large lakes that settle during winter. Sailants can come here in the summer months. Most of the winter in the winter this valley is cut off from the outside world. There is nothing more for tourists to stay here, so tourists coming here can stay in Kaza, where hotels and resorts are readily available to stop the tourists.

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Rupin Pass is near Rupin Pass Himalaya mountain range, which is located at an altitude of 15,000 feet above sea level. Tourists coming to Rupin can enjoy the trekking tourism here.

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Tosh Valley  is also known as Parvati Valley, which is located in Himachal Pradesh. The lake valley is the perfect place for those traveling alone. The tourists who come here come to feel unlimited peace. Manikaran is situated just a few miles away from Tosh Valley which is a religious place.

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Marakha Valley is situated in Ladakh, where tourists coming to see the snowfall during the winter.

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Malana  Himachal Pradesh is an ancient village situated in the northeast of Kullu valley. Joki is surrounded by hills like Chandrakhani and Deo Tibba. This place is absolutely perfect for traveling alone in March.

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Kasol  is made in a sparkling snow-covered  hillock, in a dock of mountains, a small village is known as Kasol. Kasol is on a distance of just 35 kms from Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The height is about five thousand feet. There is no hail here like Delhi or Mumbai, or railroad like Kullu city. Something is just simplicity. Tourists visiting Kasol can enjoy the trekking experience here.

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Jim Corbett National Park is a paradise for wildlife lovers who want to relax in nature's quiet lap. Earlier this park was known as Ramganga National Park, but in the year 1957 it was named Corbett National Park (Corbett National Park). This park is named after the famous British hunter, naturalist and photographer Jim Corbett. India is famous for the world's largest population of wild tigers and Jim Corbett Park is home to about 160 tigers. In this park, there are about 600 species of colorful birds, including peacocks, pheasants, pigeons, owls, hornbills, barbits, cyclones, manas, magpies, minivates, pheasants, birds, tits, nothachts, vagtails, sunbirds, bunting, Drongo, Pigeon, Straw, Duck, Teal, Vulture, Stork, Cormorant, Falcon, Bulbul and Flickrchtte are included. Apart from this, travelers can see 51 types of trees, 30 types of bamboo and about 110 species of different trees. Tourists can also enjoy adventure sports such as jungle safari and rafting.


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